Plumber Bastrop TX

Plumber Bastrop TX

Plumber Bastrop TX

Plumber Bastrop TX – Do you have a plumbing emergency? Are leaking pipes flooding your house? Is a Clogged sewage line overflowing your toilets and causing a stink? You have come to the right website. Fast Plumbing is your premier Plumbing emergency solution in the Bastrop, TX area. Whatever your plumbing emergency might be, Fast Plumbing is here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Do not let plumbing woes put a damper on your day. Call us at Fast Plumbing to assist you with any of your emergency plumbing needs. We offer both Commercial & Residential Services!

Plumbing Repair Bastrop TX

While Fast Plumbing is your go-to source for help in times of emergency, we are far more than just the best emergency plumbing service in the Bastrop area. Fast Plumbing also specializes in non-emergency plumbing repairs and installations. We can fix your old leaky toilet or replace it with a new one. Here at Fast Plumbing we are experts in installation and repair of all types of plumbing related appliances. Appliances such as water heaters, garbage disposals, water fixtures and toilets. When dealing with something as important and potentially destructive as plumbing, it is always a good idea to call an experienced expert to handle the job. Fast Plumbing has been doing top-notch, professional repair and installation work for over 29 years, with a long list of satisfied, repeat customers.

Water Leak Detection Bastrop TX

When it comes to water leak detection, Fast Plumbing is also at the top of that list. We utilize high tech camera systems, among other advanced techniques, to locate hidden water leaks. No matter how large or small the leak, the leak detection experts at Fast Plumbing will find it and get right to work repairing it.

With Fast Plumbing, there is never any guesswork or mystery about the cost of the necessary repairs and the time frame needed to complete the work. We always give a written estimate before the repairs are started so that you will be fully aware of the price range of the work. We also do not believe in charging surcharges because your plumbing emergency happens after hours or on the weekends. Fast Plumbing charges a flat rate regardless of time or day of the week. This honesty and commitment to customer satisfaction is just one of the aspects that has kept Fast Plumbing alive and well for the last 29 years.

When you have a plumbing problem, or need to refresh or add on to your existing plumbing, call Fast Plumbing for the fastest and highest quality service that money can buy in the Bastrop, TX area.

To schedule an appointment or request a free estimate with one of our plumbers in Bastrop, call Fast Plumbing today at 512.928.0378!